First Post!

It’s been a busy few months.  We decided to move, found a place, moved, got in a car crash, car was totaled, bought a new car, registered for a baby shower, and finished most of our Christmas shopping.  We’re still unpacking in the new place and hope to get started on setting up the baby’s room soon.  There were no serious injuries from the car crash and we really like the new place and the new car so I think the hectic pace of the last few months will be worth it.

We’re getting very excited about our yet-to-be-named little girl.  For now we’re calling her Uppin.  Top name contenders are Olivia and Lorien.  We’ve begun discussing specifics of a birthing plan with the doctor and we will take a few birthing classes soon.  The due date is February 19th!

Stephanie hypnotized by the vast array of baby accesories.

Test driving the new car.

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