We survived the holidays and managed to not get into any more car crashes.  We kept things fairly mellow this year, not traveling further than Yuba City.  We kicked off the holidays with a bowling extravaganza with Stephanie’s extended family.  Justin and Cassy didn’t make it to the bowling alley and Grandma wasn’t having her best game so I was able to get the highest score despite choking on the last two frames, but the real fun was watching Tyler and Emma bowl, and helping Emma throw a strike.

After bowling, dinner, and Christmas gift exchange there was a “surprise” mini-baby-shower for Uppin.  We got lots of adorable gifts and realized the color pink will inevitably be a big part of our lives from now on.

We spent Christmas in Durham hanging out with immediate family.  Thankfully our parents only live a few miles apart so we were able to see everyone and still have time to catch True Grit.

New Years was also mellow, hanging out with some friends in Chico to welcome the arrival of 2011.  This will be a year of big changes for Stephanie and I with the arrival of our little girl next month!

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