The Final Countdown

Today is five days from Uppin’s due date. Only five days left until she is supposed to arrive. We are in the final countdown… or are we? Here’s an update. On January 23, 2011 we noticed that Uppin was riding a little lower in her current abode. A visit to the OB confirmed that she had dropped and we were so excited to think that she might show up early. However, in true Adams form, she was only kidding and picked herself up. Our next OB visit revealed that out little “angel” had actually taken a step backwards in birth preparedness.

The news that we would be waiting until closer to the due date was somewhat of a relief, as Keith’s sister had recently suffered a stroke.  Although she was doing ok, we were glad to not have to worry about splitting our families up between two different hospitals. Uppin has apparently decided to wait until her Auntie Jen got over to the rehab hospital and could be driven up to Paradise to make her grand entrance. Jen is making huge progress and we are so proud of the hard work she is doing. Nothing about this is easy, for any of us, but Jen’s startlingly positive attitude and her daily progress is keeping us all going.

As Keith and I count down the last five days until my due date we are quite aware that she may arrive late. I hope she doesn’t, but she might. If she is late I hope everyone will pardon me if I am a little cranky and perhaps a little whiny. I will do my best to be nice.

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